Press release: Unik enters into a major strategic partnership with Main Capital Partners

Main Capital Partners acquires Danish market leading industry-specific software provider Unik System Design

Main Capital Partners (‘Main’) is delighted to announce the signing of the acquisition of a majority stake in Unik System Design (‘Unik’), a leading software vendor with deep industry and domain knowledge within housing- & property management and legal administration. Main will act as a strategic partner to the management team, supporting Unik in its ongoing journey towards becoming a leading pureplay Software-as-a-Service provider (‘SaaS’), underpinned by an international buy & build strategy.

Founded in 1985, Unik is an innovative Danish industry-specific software vendor with +240 employees and consultants in Vejle, Aalborg, Copenhagen and Warsaw. With close to four decades of experience, the company has positioned itself with the market’s most used software solutions, servicing more than 900 clients ranging from large scale private and public housing associations to law offices and legal corporate departments throughout Denmark.

Unik is in the state of re-inventing itself, not only to be able to provide a higher degree of efficiency, automation and digitalization to its daily users, but also to push the limits for what happens when digital innovation meets deep industry knowledge. Over the next couple of years, the two new SaaS products, HabiCen for housing- & property management, and JustiCase for legal administration, will gradually replace the current products, Unik Bolig og Unik Advosys.

Looking ahead, Main Capital Partners will actively support Unik in maintaining the strong growth momentum by further broadening the product offering to its existing customers. In addition to organic growth initiatives, strategic add-on acquisitions will be an important pillar of the strategy to complement the innovative product portfolio as well as to strengthen the market position, both in Denmark and abroad.


Jens Find, CEO of Unik System Design, comments: “We were not in the market for a partner, but in our dialogue with Main we realized the potential this partnership could bring to the table. After 38 years as CEO and main owner, it is my clear impression that it is the right decision for Unik, our customers and our employees. We will continue with the current management and the current owners will retain a significant ownership of 40%. For us it is more of a partnership than a sale.”

Tonni Rasmussen, CTO of Unik System Design, comments: “Our customers rely on our ability to innovate and leverage our industry expertise to establish the benchmark for how software can automate their business operations. Developing two cutting-edge SaaS-products, HabiCen and JustiCase, is part of the next big innovation of Unik, with focus on enhanced security and operational efficiency. I am convinced our strategic partnership with Main will further accelerate this transition, enabling us to expedite the delivery of the next generation Enterprise software solutions.”

Wessel Ploegmakers, Partner at Main Capital Partners, concludes: “Unik has been on our radar for a long time as one of the leading Danish software vendors, and we are pleased to be given the opportunity to support the company going forward in its journey to become an international leading SaaS-provider. We are confident that our focused organic growth initiatives coupled with a selective buy-and-build strategy will result in an improved value proposition towards existing and new customers.”


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Unik System Design


Unik System Design is a Danish software company developing industry solutions for housing- & property management and legal administration, with more than 240 employees and consultants in Vejle, Aalborg, Copenhagen and Warsaw. Unik has over 35 years of experience in creating the most efficient digital workday for their customers, developing and supplying selected industries with the market’s most used software solutions.


Main Capital Partners


Main Capital Partners is a leading software investor in the Benelux, DACH, Nordics and United States. Main has 20 years of experience in strengthening software companies and works closely with the management teams in its portfolio as a strategic partner to achieve sustainable growth and larger outstanding software groups. As a leading software investor managing private equity funds active in Northwestern Europe and North America, Main has 60 employees and offices in The Hague, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, Antwerp and an affiliated office in Boston. Main has over 2.2 billion euros in assets under management and currently has an active portfolio of over 40 software groups. Together, these companies provide about 10,000 jobs.


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